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#10 Bistec De Palomilla - Top Sirloin Steak

Grilled marinated sirloin, thinly sliced and topped with grilled onions.

#13 Lomo Salteado - Rib Eye Steak

A house specialty simmered in tomato sauce with onions and bell peppers and served atop fried potatoes.

#14 Rabo Encendido - Oxtail Stew

A Creole based oxtail stew with a sharp peppery taste cooked with traditional Cuban herbs and spices, olive oil and bell peppers.

#15 Chilindron De Cordero - Sauteed Lamb

Cubed lamb tender and tasty, simmered in a ripe tomato and wine sauce, herbs and spices.

#16 Bistec Picado - Steak Strips

Strips of sirloin steak cooked in a simmering blend of bell peppers, onions, olive oil and tomato sauce.

#17 Bistec A La Colombiana - Colombian Style Steak

Sirlion steak sauteed and served in a tomato and wine sauce with bell peppers and onions.

#18 Bistec Empanizado - Breaded Steak

Seasoned and breaded top sirloin steak.

#20 Ropa Vieja - Shredded Beef

This dish (when translated means "old clothes") is a traditional Cuban meal - thinly shredded flank steak prepared in a authentic tomato and wine sauce.

#21 Vaca Frita - Sauteed Shredded Flank Steak

Shredded beef sauteed in olive oil with citrus juice and onions.

#22 Lengua Guisada - Stewed Beef Tongue

A tomato stew cooked with a traditional Cuban herbs and spices, olive oil and bell peppers.

#23 Higado a la Italiana - Italian Style Liver

Don't let the name fool you. This dish can be found in many Cuban kitchens! This simple dish of thinly sliced beef liver is sauteed in a dry wine, green bell peppers, onion and other savory spices.

#24 Bistec De Higado - Liver Steak

Tender liver steak grilled in our own mojo sauce and topped with grilled onions.

#25 Carne Con Papas - Beef Stew

Tender boneless chuncks of beef with potatoes cooked in a tomato basil sauce to create the perfect beef stew.

#26 Picadillo a la Criolla - Ground Beef Cuban Style

Extra lean ground beef simmered in a myriad of Cuban spices.

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